To meet the demands and requirements of domestic traders, Centro Servizi Doganali S.p.A., has obtained a licence to operate a type E BONDED WAREHOUSE at its own warehouses located at the Interporto del Centro Ingrosso in Pordenone, and at other sites situated throughout the Italian territory.

The BONDED WAREHOUSE is a customs destination, where foreign goods are temporarily stored in the customs territory (in such warehouses) and retain their foreign status, without the depositor being required to pay customs duties while awaiting to be granted a further customs destination, which may be:

Release into free circulation in EU territory
Withdrawal for consumption (final importation)
Transit to another EU/non-EU country
Re-shipment outside the EU

While stored in the warehouse, the goods may be:

Sold to a domestic buyer in a foreign country
Sold to a foreign buyer residing in a foreign country or, in any case, outside
EU territory.

Certain "USUAL FORMS OF HANDLING " are also permitted while the goods are stored in the warehouse, as partly listed below.
These are generally operations intended to ensure the goods are well stored, to improve how they are presented or their marketable quality as follows:

1) Inventory or sample inspection
2) Packaging, unpacking, change of packaging, repairs to packaging, etc.
3) Simple selection and classification operations
4) Affixing stamp duties, stamps, labels etc to the goods or their packaging,
5) Sorting goods, provided that these are simple operations

Goods can be stored in the BONDED WAREHOUSE without being subject to any time restrictions.

Storage in the BONDED WAREHOUSE also makes goods from third countries, required for immediate production or commercial purposes, ready available in the national territory. Hence the goods can be delivered to customers in accordance with the times stipulated in the contract, with customs duties being paid when they are dispatched to their final destination for consumption.

Reserved area

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