Centro Servizi Doganali S.p.A. was established in 1980 to exclusively deal with customs operations, i.e. import/export customs clearance services, including a Simplified Procedure after obtaining a special ministerial licence. Since then, the company’s goal has been Customer Satisfaction, so much so that company policy has aimed at continuously updating the services it provides and diversifying its expertise.

Ongoing research to meet these company goals has led to real change. Centro Servizi Doganali S.p.A. has gradually expanded over the years to achieve its reliable position. Today, the company structure includes about twenty highly specialized personnel including employees and managers. The company constantly renews its departments to meet customer demands and requirements while developing regulations to govern the foreign market.

In 1993, the lifting of internal border controls in the Community led to the rise of a new specialist sector for intra-Community VAT to deal with any operational or consulting issue.

As a result of our experience and Customer demands, a further company department was created to provide a Simulated Tax Control Service, at companies’ own premises, for the correct handling of foreign trade, both intra-Community and with non-EU countries, to identify any errors in accounts and/or administrative procedures in advance.

Since 1997, Centro Servizi Doganali S.p.A. has moved to new headquarters, which include offices and a warehouse at the Interporto di Pordenone (Freight Centre of Pordenone). This investment has provided the company with further new market opportunities.

In 1998, Centro Servizi Doganali S.p.A. acquired authorization from the Ministry of Finance to run its own warehouse as a type E Customs Warehouse, enabling the introduction of foreign goods under customs duty and VAT suspension for its Customers.

In 1999, Centro Servizi Doganali S.p.A. was authorized by the Direzione Regionale delle Entrate (Regional Revenue Authority) of Trieste to run a special VAT warehouse in Pordenone, allowing companies to import goods without paying VAT.

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